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Zombie Plague Miniatures has two great offers for March.

First up, when you buy all four of the ZP human character minis, you'll also receive a "Tubby" zombie for free!

Second, when you buy any FOUR ZP minis you'll receive a link to download Zombie Plague: The Boardgame. This print and play game features full color maps, cards, and card miniatures, is easy to learn and truly gives the feeling of a classic zombie movie. (Garden Gnomes and Weapon sprues are not included in this offer).

And the offers stack so if you order the 4 humans you'll get both Tubby AND the boardgame PDF.

Go to to check out the goodies!

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On February 23rd we will be starting a Patreon campaign to produce a new series of Yva Starling: Troubleshooter comics. Supporters will see new pages early, will get to read the new Yva Starling Adventure Stories tale, plus other cool rewards.

In the meantime check out this awesome cover art by Ryan Howe with colors by Ronda Pattison!

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Available now from RSquared Studios, a board game about four high school students who have the worst day ever. Their school and town have been overrun with flesh eating ghouls, their van has run out of gas, and now they are surrounded in a small farm house by an ever increasing army of the hungry dead. Only teamwork, courage, and good old fashioned luck can save them now. Join Crissy, Chelsea, Timmy, and John as they fight for their lives in Zombie Plague!

Zombie Plague is a remastered version of the cult classic board game and includes all the card miniatures, map pieces, dashboards, cards, and counters you need. Featuring artwork from the RSquared Studios comic Zombie Plague: The Day From Hell, this easy to learn game features fast action, fun characters, and grueling horror.

Can you and your friends survive the Zombie Plague?

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It was incredibly difficult to pick winners for this but we finally whittled it down to four. (The points were so close that two entrants tied for third.) We based our choices on both quality of painting and horde size. Thanks a million to all of our entrants, we saw some stunning collections and I hope that everyone who entered will share their work on their blogs and forum as every entry we received had something cool about it.

But for now here are our winners!

First Place:

Second Place:

Third Place:
Michael Awdry

Third Place:
Battle Brush Studios

Thanks again for making this contest so much fun!

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People who collect and paint zombie miniatures tend to be a bit obsessive. We want great survivor figures but we especially want lots and LOTS of zombies! To celebrate this, RSquared Studios is having a Zombie Horde Contest. We want to see the best painted and the overall largest hordes of zombie miniatures. Whether you call it a horde, a swarm, or a shamble we want to see your zombies!

Prizes will be zombies from Zombie Plague Miniatures.

First Prize: 3x Joe Zombie, 3x Rose Frum, 1 Dirt Nap, 1 Tubby, 1 Dead Sexy.

Second Prize: 3x Joe Zombie, 1 Dirt Nap, 1 Tubby

Third Prize: 3x Joe Zombie


1. Zombie miniatures from any manufacturer can be included as part of your horde.

2. Two images must be submitted, one of the overall horde to show how large it is and one close up of the front rank of the horde to show the quality of painting. Judging will be based on both overall size and quality of paint-job. Images should be at least 1000 pixels on the largest side and no larger than 3000 pixels on the largest side in JPEG format.

3. Please no photo manipulation other than basic color correction.

4. Images can be on a gaming board with relevant terrain or on a clear surface like a tabletop or floor.

5. Email your images to by May 12, 2014

Email with any questions. And good luck!

(Note: Copyrights to images will of course be retained by each entrant but we ask for permission to post images as part of this contest. By entering you grant us this right.)

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